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Leadership Development

Want to create positive change in yourself, in your groups and in your community? 


Want to create positive change in
yourself, in your teams and in your community? 



Outside of the classroom, I regularly speak, present, and consult on creative strategy, team-building and leadership skills training and development.

I believe that leadership is a journey, not a position, and through targeted practice we can enhance the development of leadership qualities in anyone- those who hold formal leadership positions as well as those who do not - and can promote a process that is inclusive and actively engages all who wish to contribute. 

Goals of Leadership Development:
1. Self-Knowledge
Increasing understanding of one’s talents, values and interests, especially as these relate to our capacity to provide effective leadership. 

2. Leadership Competence
Increasing the capacity to mobilize oneself and others to serve and work collaboratively.

3. Engagement
Facilitating positive social change in an organization or in the community. That is, to undertake actions which will help the organization/community to function more effectively and humanely.



Looking for materials used in one of my recent lectures or workshops? 
Stay tuned for a leadership library coming to this page soon!



The following topics can be covered in workshop/ lecture format:

Social Change Model of Leadership
Individual Values
Group Values
Emotional Intelligence
Transformative Teambuilding
Elevator Pitches
Individual Mission Statement Creation
Organization Mission/ Vision Statement Creation
Creative Strategy
Adult Learning (Teaching New Skills to Established Teams)
Telling Your Story
Effective Communication
Team (Group) Forming
Critical Thinking and Decision Making
Creative Writing
Healthy Habits for Leaders

Is your team interested in learning and practicing new leadership skills?