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Savage Confetti

Savage Confetti is a storytelling project.


Savage Confetti is a storytelling project.



Savage Confetti thematically speaks to the merging of opposite or unlikely combinations of ideas, words and creative directions. We believe there is still a bit of mystery in the world, and want to outfit you to find it.  

Savage Confetti began as a visual storytelling project on Instagram using #savageconfetti.

Currently, Savage Confetti is writing a story for you to wear. We craft high-quality, versatile, modern streetwear staples. Created in downtown Los Angeles, our products are designed to weather any of the conditions your adventures may hold.
Merging our designs with discovery and creative thinking, we encourage
the pursuit of stories worth telling. 



We believe that creative, critical thinking has and will continue to positively impact society, more so now than ever.
We believe that by fostering opportunities for continued, lifelong engagement with creativity and personal development,
we can empower those we interact with to inspire positive thinking in others around them.

We advocate for the love of words, and respect for their power:
- through the creation of thought-provoking physical and visual mediums
- by empowering critical thinking through classroom and community outreach presentations and workshops
- by supporting fellow creatives who emphasize critical thinking in their own outputs

We support those who believe there is still a bit of mystery in the world.
The ghost in our logo represents the effect we hope to have on the people we work with.
We hope to be an invisible reminder to embrace opportunities for positive discourse, positive change, artistic creation, and adventure.
We know that we can't personally effect creative, critical thinking everywhere, but we hope that, by showing others how they
can practice being rhetoric champions and thought leaders, we can spark a cascade effect. 

We hope to serve as a connection point to pair creative minds- artists, entrepreneurs, social change leaders- with
classrooms, businesses, non-profits and other groups who see the benefit in practicing
creative strategy, targeted discourse, personal and group leadership development, and team-building.

All merchandising proceeds go toward supporting Savage Confetti outreach efforts.